Master The Art Of Creative, Original Ideas

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Do you feel like the best ideas are hiding from you?

If you want to build a sustainable business from your designs - you need catchy and unique IDEAS.

The problem is that coming up with ideas seems like some kind of dark art. 


So you cross your fingers and hope a great idea falls in your lap. 


But there is a better way. 

There's no shortage of unique, winning ideas.

Ideas are everywhere - you just need to know the right methods and tools to help you find them.


Winning ideas follow patterns - and once you know those patterns - and understand how to apply them - generating great ideas becomes an easy, reliable and repeatable process.

Once you grasp these proven methods - any trend, subject or topic becomes an open goal that you can't fail to miss.

What if you could come up with creative, original design ideas for any  topic or trend, on demand?

Once you have these methods and processes in your toolkit - winning ideas come out of hiding. 


Topics and subjects that seemed impossible to tackle become easy. 


Unique, innovative approaches jump out at you from everywhere - and you see the obvious ideas that you might previously have missed.


You'll be able to create original designs around the latest trend or story - and you won't be left wondering how others are able to hop on things so quickly.

But what are these 'proven methods' - and where can you get hold of them?

Michael Essek

I've spent years discovering - through trial and error - exactly what types of ideas work best.


I've reverse engineered designs to figure out precisely what makes them tick...and I've built reliable step-by-step processes to turn any topic, joke or trend into a bunch of great ideas in a flash. 


I've compiled, assembled and curated proven frameworks into handy references so I can apply them whenever I need them - and for the first time I'm sharing it ALL - the methods, frameworks, resources and tools that make coming up with new ideas quick, easy and fun.

and it's all inside...

The definitive class for designers who want to generate creative, original ideas for any subject, trend or market - at the drop of a hat.


Your Ultimate Ideas Toolkit

The Ideas Workshop is a complete, online ideas education - including everything you need to start coming up with incredible, unique ideas straight away.



Core Idea Generation Methods

5+ hours of video training



Built Tools

to help you create ideas fast


Unique, Proven Frameworks

for inspiration in a flash

Inside The Ideas Workshop,  you'll learn...

  • How to generate LOTS of different ideas for any topic, trend or niche - FAST

  • How to generate your own puns - whenever and wherever you need to

  • How to grab the 'low hanging fruit' ideas that are so simple that most designers miss them

  • How to extract your existing knowledge, and develop it into T-Shirt ideas that really work

  • How to come up with winning ideas that people love to share and buy

  • How to use well-known visual references to create truly 'on point', witty concepts

  • How to stop wasting time re-inventing the wheel, and use proven frameworks instead - at scale

  • How to wow your customers and clients, and start hearing feeback like - 'how do you come up with this stuff?'

  • How to beat your competition with better ideas, more ideas and the fastest output

  • How to speed up your creative process so you can produce more designs in less time

  • How to become an infinite source of original ideas

How The Ideas Workshop Works...

Inside The Ideas Workshop training, I share my proprietary methods for creating unique ideas that people love, that are fun to create, and that generate incredible results.


The Ideas Workshop covers 11 13 core idea-generation methods, and is designed to teach each of them in a practical, easy to understand way so you can start using them in your business right away.

Each video session includes...

  • The Video Lesson. A walkthrough of each method, including examples, how to use it, and tips and tricks.

  • The How-To Video. Watch 'over my shoulder' as I detail the step-by-step process for each method with a how-to demo, resulting in ready-to-use ideas. 

  • The Worksheet. Follow along with the How-To video with a print-ready PDF, which will walk you through the process for coming up with your own ideas.

  • The Class Outline. PDF notes for each and every lesson - so you can refresh and study in your own time. 

The Ideas Workshop is designed to ensure you'll never run out of original ideas again.

  • No clue how to come up with cute snappy rhyming phrases? I'll give you the formula to do that.

  • Unsure how to tackle a new topic or subject? I'll show you exactly what to do.

  • Spotted a viral trend but struggling to come up with any witty ideas? I got you. 

In The Ideas Workshop, I've pulled together every method that works - and distilled it to create a series step-by-step processes you can apply to any topic, subject or market.


The 11 13 Evergreen Idea Generation Methods

There are many different types of great ideas - and so there are several different methods of discovering them.


Let's take a look at the methods you'll learn about inside The Ideas Workshop...



The Wordstorming Technique is a simple process that will help you uncover 'hidden treasures' that make for great ideas.

You'll learn...

  • How to come up with powerful ideas that others miss

  • How to develop in-jokes that really resonate with your market

  • How to create a resource you can return to again and again to help you 'fatten your niches'


Low-Hanging Fruit

Don't miss the obvious!  Use these proven blueprints for your own topics and markets.

You'll learn...

  • The 4 Main Low Hanging Fruit Frameworks

  • When to use each of the frameworks

  • How to adapt each one for your specific market, niche or topic


Plug-In Phrases

My 'Go To' method for generating loads of ideas in record time. Plug-In Phrases are like cheat codes for witty ideas. 

You'll learn...

  • How to use established, popular sayings to create winning ideas

  • Exactly what to look out for when using the Plug-In Phrases Method to generate ideas

  • How to push your ideas to the limit to come up with ironic and meta jokes


Straight Up Rhyme

Rhymes lead to catchy slogans and super-viral catchphrases - and I'll show you exactly how to create them.

You'll learn...

  • The 2 principle methods you can use to discover a maximum amount of rhyme-based ideas

  • The best resources to use to spark and develop your next great rhyming ideas

  • How to identify a great input word for developing catchy slogans


Rhyme N' Replace

Combine rhyming words with well-known sayings - and produce ideas that everybody loves.

You'll learn...

  • How to find the right kind of words to use that deliver the best Rhyme N' Replace results

  • Why the Rhyme N' Replace method is universal in it's appeal, and exactly how to use it

  • Exactly where to find the best rhymes and sayings to use in your ideas


Perception Puns

Puns are a mystery right? Not anymore. Perception Puns are T-Shirt faves, and now you can wrestle them into submission for your own purposes. 

You'll learn...

  • How to develop your own super-witty puns, about any subject or topic

  • Exactly how to push your pun ideas further to develop much more effective designs


Trending Phrases

Use this technique to develop on-the-button, witty designs that ride the latest trends and slang terms all the way to the bank.
You'll learn...

  • How to hop on trending topics and viral stories with perfectly suited ideas

  • How to beat the competition by skipping the obvious, and instead doing something truly unique

  • NEW: Find out how to use Parody, Wordplay and more to truly dominate the latest sayings


Graphic Styles

Use well-recognised visual approaches to give new meanings to any subject or topic.
You'll learn...

  • How visual references affect the meaning and message of any concept

  • Exactly where to find fully-validated, ready to use graphic styles and approaches

  • Precisely what to look out for in order to come up with the strongest, aesthetic driven designs


Iconic Images

Iconic images are iconic for a reason - and you should make use of that!
You'll learn...

  • How to use iconic imagery to create ingenious ideas with multiple levels of meaning 

  • How to do parody and spoof designs the right way -  without getting into legal hot water 

  • Where to find Iconic reference images to speed up your idea generation


Layout Frameworks

Use these 'off the shelf' adaptable blueprints to develop compelling and effective designs. Perfect little vehicles for any subject!

You'll Learn...

  • How to create formidable designs that drive engagement, shares and sales

  • How to develop multi-joke based concepts  

  • Why Layout Framework-based ideas are perfect for building out series and collections that work for a wide variety of products


Mutant Words

Ultra-original ideas by hacking, twisting and mutating the english language!

You'll learn...

  • Why the Mutant Words method delivers weird and wonderful results that people love

  • Exactly what to do with your Mutant Word outputs - to turn them into the strongest possible designs

  • What kinds of mutations to try, and exactly how to do it

NEW FOR 2021:


Role N' Replace

Take a fresh look at your topic, and examine it's role and function to develop unique design hooks.
 You'll learn...

  • How to identify the 'role' or 'function' of your topic or subject

  • Why the Role N' Replace method is so great for applying to viral stories and trends

  • How to use the Role N' Replace method to brainstorm different categories of ideas 



Play with individual words and syllables to create funny, evergreen design ideas. 
 You'll learn...

  • The difference between an 'internal' pun and an 'overlap' pun

  • How to extend your Wordplay ideas to make them easier to turn into impressive designs

  • The 2 different internal pun approaches, and when to use each one

Step-By-Step Help:
Worksheets & Outlines

Each and every method comes with it's own worksheet and class outline to help you learn by doing. 


Simply download the PDF, print it off, and learn as you go!


The worksheet will walk you through the method step-by-step - while the class outlines provides an easy to read summary of each lesson - to reinforce what you've just learned, or jog your memory.

The Tools You Need  for Speed...

If you want to improve your results and beat the competition - you don't just need great ideas - you need great ideas FAST. 


That why The Ideas Workshop comes with 6 powerful, custom-built tools to help you go from topic -> multiple great ideas in no time at all. 


Take a look at the incredible tools that are included...

The Plug In Phrase Directory

For several years, I've been building up a bank of phrases, saying and idioms that I can quickly turn to to help me come up with great ideas fast. 


That collection of phrases has ballooned into the Plug-In Phrase Directory.


The Plug-In Phrase Directory now contains over 250 330+ individual sayings - a veritable smörgåsbord of idea inspiration. 


Not only do you get this list of over 250 330 incredible jumping off points - you also get...

  • Examples for each of the phrases - to help you understand exactly how, why and where to use it.

  • Categories - Each phrase is categorised and sorted into ready made sub-lists - so you can quickly and easily get to the exact kinds of phrases you're looking for. We have:

    • ​Proven T-Shirt Winners
    • Short N Simple Phrases
    • Low Hanging Fruit Phrases
    • More Niche Options & Memes
  • Tagging & Favouriting - Easily save your favourite 'go to' phrases with a single tap, and use custom tags to help you find exactly what you need.


The Plug-In Phrase Directory is your one-stop shop for incredible phrase frameworks, proven T-Shirt sayings and up-to-date, current meme-driven ideas.


If you need ideas in a hurry - welcome to your new home!

NEW FOR 2021:

'Fill-In-The-Blank' Feature

The Plug-In Phrase Directory now includes a 'fill in the blank' feature, allowing you to auto-generate over 250+ custom phrases in a single click.


This takes the brain-work out of brainstorming, and spoon feeds you hundreds of potential new ideas in seconds.


The easiest way to generate great new ideas just got even easier!

The Visual Inspiration Board

Text based frameworks are great fun and super-easy to use - but design is a visual medium - and you can say a LOT more with an image than you can with just a phrase.


That's why The Ideas Workshop includes my custom-built Visual Inspiration Board - a comprehensive database of visual prompts and 'jumping off points' - to help spark your next great aesthetic-driven ideas.


The Visual Inspiration Board is broken up into 3 main sections:

  • The Graphic Styles Board. Proven graphic approaches that you can apply to your subject or topic. No matter what you're designing for - you'll be sure to find a style that works (or doesn't, with hilarious consequences) inside this tool.

  • The Iconic Images Board. Over 100+ (and counting) iconic images - ripe for parody, homage and adaptation for trend-based or multi-meaning ideas. Pull on the collective associations of millions of people by playing on iconic images that we all know and love. The Iconic Images Board helps you get there fast.

  • The Layout Frameworks Board. When you need unique ideas that can stand the test of time - The Layout Frameworks Board is where you should go. Each of these frameworks leads to ideas that are heavy with goodies - and can be turned into entire series and collections of designs that work for products way beyond the humble T-Shirt. 

...and just like the Plug-In Phrase Directory - The Visual Inspiration Board comes 'ready to customise' - with tagging and favouriting built in. 


The Visual Inspiration Board is a designers best friend, and you'll be amazed at the impact it can have on your ideas-ability once you start using it.


And just like every tool inside The Ideas Workshop - The Visual Inspiration Board is regularly updated with new graphics, frameworks and iconic images - so it becomes more and more useful month to month!

The Slogan Slot Machine

Creating catchy, snappy slogans is a breeze with the Slogan Slot Machine.


Simply drop in your inputs, and let the Slogan Slot Machine provide you with slogan options galore.


This tool is perfect for creating witty rhyming phrases (and non-rhyming phrases!) - that roll off the tongue and delight your audience and market. 


With over 50+ slogans baked in, you'll never run short of inspiring slogan frameworks to use in your designs.

The Low Hanging Fruit Cheat Sheet

Ever kicked yourself for missing an obvious idea?


Low Hanging Fruit Cheat Sheet to the rescue!


This simple but powerful Cheat Sheet helps you brainstorm simple ideas around the most reliable product frameworks - using alliteration to deliver tongue-tastic results.


Words are helpfully categorised and organised for super-quick access, so you'll never run short of snappy, simple ideas that will impress and delight your customers - whoever they are. 

The Mutant Words Masher

Playing with words is a great way to generate original ideas, but knowing exactly how to do that can be confusing and time consuming. 


That's where the Mutant Words Masher comes in. 


Simply drop your word in, and see ultra-unique and quirky transformations appear right away. Watch in amazement as novel, crazy ideas form before your very eyes!


And as if that wasn't enough - the Mutant Words Masher will break down your word and help inspire new and fantastical ideas from within. 


It's Mutant Magic!

NEW FOR 2021:

Mutant Words Masher 2.0

The Mutant Words Masher has had a refresh - and now includes handy links and 'rhyming reports' to help identifying potential ideas even quicker. 

NEW FOR 2021:

Methods Workflow Cheat Sheet

The Ideas Workshop contains a LOT of different methods - and sometimes you need to figure out which one to use FAST. 


Enter the Methods Workflow Cheat Sheet - your 'at a glance' tool to quickly figure out which method is most appropriate for a given topic or use case. 

No more wasting time on inappropriate techniques - The Methods Workflow Cheat Sheet short-cuts you to the method that's right for you - right now!

NEW FOR 2021:

The Ideas Sorter PRO
(With 127 Ready-Made Ideas)

One of the downsides of taking the Ideas Workshop is developing more ideas than you can handle. 

That's why I built The Ideas Sorter PRO - an incredible tool to help you sort, analyse and prioritise your ideas based on over 10 different criteria. 

With The Ideas Sorter PRO you'll know exactly which of your designs to work on next - and of course you can customise the scoring criteria to your personal needs, so you'll never feel analysis paralysis again. 

Includes 127 Example Ideas!

To help explain how to use The Ideas Sorter PRO - I've included 127 sample ideas as example content. 

These ideas are taken directly from the Ideas Workshop how-to sessions - each of them an example of a 'live' idea I developed using the very methods taught inside The Ideas Workshop. 

So if you're looking for a quick blast of inspiration - or you'd just like some ready-made concepts to work from - The Ideas Sorter PRO is the place to go!

Is The Ideas Workshop For You?

The Ideas Workshop isn't for everyone - but it could be just what you're missing (and transform how you come up with ideas).


Let's find out if it's a good fit for you...

The Ideas Workshop Is Right For You If...

  • You want to learn how to come up with original ideas by yourself

  • You're looking for ways to generate lots of great ideas fast

  • You know you can design well, but you need help brainstorming ideas

  • You're want new ways to discover funnyquirky concepts

  • You already have good ideas, but you want to improve your hit rate

  • You're looking for concepts that work great on physical products

  • You want to get ideas that provoke positive responses from your market

  • You want to confidently hop on trends and viral stories with relevant, appropriate designs

  • You want ideas that work great on T-Shirts - but can also be used on many other product ranges too

  • You want to 'fatten your niches' with low hanging fruit

Whilst my bread and butter is designing T-Shirts - the methods and techniques taught inside The Ideas Workshop aren't just for T-Shirt designers. Oh my, no. 


These methods, frameworks and blueprints will work across many different design disciplines - and across a wide variety of products and client cases.


Just take a look at some of the people who will benefit from what's inside The Ideas Workshop...


  • T-Shirt Designers

  • Hand Letterers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Creators With Their Own Merch

  • Print on Demand Sellers

  • Meme Makers

  • Art & Creative Directors

  • Shopify Store Owners

  • Influencers & YouTubers

  • Illustrators

  • Commercial Artists

  • Social Media Managers

  • Greetings Card Designers

  • Editorial Illustrators

  • Cartoonists

  • Freelance Designers

  • Print Shop Owners

  • Lettering Artists


...basically anyone who needs original ideas and concepts for designs. 


But like I said - it isn't for everyone. 

The Ideas Workshop Is Not For You If...

  • You want to know how to find niches, subjects or markets to design for. That is not taught here.

  • You want to learn how to design or illustrate. This course deals excusively with ideas - not the design side. 

  • You want 'ready made' ideas. This is for people who want to learn how to create their own original ideas (you must bring the topic, subject or niche - and be prepared to do the work).

THREE Exclusive Bonuses 
To Supercharge Your Ideas

Yes, The Ideas Workshop is a total ideas education, and yes you get 6 incredible(and regularly updated) tools to speed up your ideas.


But to make 100% sure you hit the ground running, I'm including 3 exclusive bonuses...


Fortnightly Live Sessions

The methods, techniques and tools inside The Ideas Workshop are not all you're getting. 

To help you get results faster -I hold regular live sessions exclusively for Ideas Workshop members. 

These sessions focus on improving your ideas and designs - and you're able to submit any concept or design you're working on for direct and no-nonsense help. 


Whether you need help with an idea, a brand or your business strategy - you can get it inside these exclusive Ideas Workshop live sessions. 


'Deep Dive' Live Session Recordings

4 Live 'Deep Dive' Class recordings - covering bonus tips and tactics for each of the main methods - and including homework project reviews - with hundreds of different design ideas shared over 4 weeks. 


To make sure you get to grips with the methods and tools included in The Ideas Workshop - you'll get instant access to all 4 live 'Deep Dive' session recordings  (and slides) - so you can get up to scratch right away. 

  • Week 1: Wordstorming, Low-Hanging Fruit & Plug-In Phrases

  • Week 2: Straight-Up Rhyme, Rhyme N' Replace & Trending Phrases (& Homework Review)

  • Week 3: Graphic Styles, Iconic Images & Layout Frameworks (& Homework Review)

  • Week 4: Mutant Words & Wrap Up (& Homework Review)

  • Week 5: Week 4 Homework Review


The Deep Dive Live Recordings will ensure you don't miss out on anything - and they'll help you see how your fellow students are applying the methods - with plenty of useful feedback and advice for real-world ideas. 


The Ideas Workshop Community

Improving your ideas becomes even easier if you're surrounded by the right people to bounce ideas off.


And that's exactly why I've created The Ideas Workshop Community.

This exclusive private community provides a safe space to share ideas, ask questions and get feedback on whatever you're working on. 


You'll be able to:

  • Share your ideas and get feedback in a safe, distraction free setting

  • Ask questions and access help and support from Michael Essek and others

  • Bounce ideas off other like-minded creators

  • Have your say on future methods, tools and frameworks, and vote on your favourites

  • Access an organised resource of helpful tools, links and recommended reading to help you master each method from The Ideas Workshop

  • Get all the latest updates, announcements and additions straight to your inbox every week - with the weekly email digest

The Ideas Workshop Community is the ideal accompaniment to The Ideas Workshop - bringing you together with fellow students, and giving you the latest tools, tips and updates to keep your idea game at it's strongest. 

If you want to supercharge your ideas ability, learn what methods work and why - and get the tools and frameworks you need to make ideas as easy as possible - The Ideas Workshop is for you.

( For 2 Payments of $275 )



Low Hanging Fruit

Plug-In Phrases

Straight Up Rhyme

Rhyme N' Replace

Perception Puns

Trending Phrases

Graphic Styles

Iconic Images

Layout Frameworks

Mutant Words

Role N' Replace (NEW)

Worksheets & Class Outlines

Wordplay (NEW)


Plug-In Phrase Directory

Slogan Shot Machine

Mutant Words Masher

The Ideas Sorter

Visual Inspiration Board

Low Hanging Fruit Cheat Sheet

Methods Workflow Cheat Sheet (NEW)


LIVE Bi-Weekly Sessions

4 Deep Dive Live Session Recordings

The Ideas Workshop Community

( For 2 payments of $275)

Doors Close In...


If you want to supercharge your ideas ability, learn what methods work and why - and get the tools and frameworks you need to make ideas as easy as possible - The Ideas Workshop is for you.

( or 2 payments of $275 )



Low Hanging Fruit

Plug-In Phrases

Straight Up Rhyme

Rhyme N' Replace

Perception Puns

Trending Phrases

Graphic Styles

Iconic Images

Layout Frameworks

Mutant Words

Worksheets & Class Outlines

Role N' Replace (NEW)

Wordplay (NEW)


Plug-In Phrase Directory

Slogan Shot Machine

Mutant Words Masher

Visual Inspiration Board

Low Hanging Fruit Cheat Sheet

Methods Workflow Cheat Sheet (NEW)


Live Bi-Weekly Sessions (NEW)

4 Deep Dive Sessions Recordings

The Ideas Workshop Community

12 Month Membership

Doors Close In...


You've Got Questions - I've Got Answers...

Q: What Is The Ideas Workshop?

The Ideas Workshop is a brand-new, comprehensive online class for any designer who wants to learn how to develop incredible, original design ideas for any subject, topic, trend or market. 


The class covers 13 core idea-generation methods, and includes worksheets and outline downloads, plus 6 dedicated tools (including hundreds of proven frameworks) to help you put those methods into action as quickly as possible. 


Once a member you'll also have access to exclusive bi-weekly livestreams and The Ideas Workshop community - where you can get help, support and advice from Michael Essek directly - and from your fellow students. 

Q: How Long Does It Take To Complete The Course?

The Ideas Workshop is a self-paced online course - and you get instant access to all the classes.

The class includes over 5 hours  in-depth video content  - so how fast (or slow) you go is up to you.


All the videos are short and focused (most are under 15 minutes long) - and the content is designed to help you dip in and out - so you can use the methods and videos like a reference or re-fresher, whenever you need a helping hand.

Once you've watched a session, I recommend you download the relevant worksheet to follow along - but you can revisit and remind yourself how techniques work whenever you need to. 

Q: How Long Can I Access The Content?

Access to The Ideas Workshop is offered on a 12 Month basis. 


When you sign up to The Ideas Workshop you can become a member for 12 months. During that time you have full, unlimited access to all course materials, tools, updates and to the Ideas Workshop Community. 


You can choose to subscribe to The Ideas Workshop on an annual basis - or simply pay for 12 months access which will not auto-renew (I also offer a split-pay option so you can pay over 2 months).

Whichever payment option you choose - you'll have full access to all the content, tools, resources and community benefits for the duration of your membership. 

Q: I Already have your Little Book Of T-Shirt Ideas - What's New Here?

The Little Book Of T-Shirt Ideas is like a starter snack - The Ideas Workshop is a seven course meal plus dessert.

In The Little Book Of T-Shirt Ideas I shared 14 idea frameworks, which are like individual pieces of fruit from the ideas tree.


In The Ideas Workshop I reveal whole entire branches for the first time - explaining how they work and why - and sharing over 500+ individual pieces of fruit (and growing!).


The Ideas Workshop isn't a list of phrases or sayings - it's a complete skill set that's taught over several lessons. Each of the methods has been honed and fine-tuned to miss out the fluff and get you to creating fantastic ideas as soon as possible - and most of the material has never been taught anywhere before.

Q: I Already Have Plenty Of Ideas - Why Would I Need This?

Having ideas is not the same as having good ideas.


Good ideas - pertinent, witty and original ones - are not something relatively few people can come up with on demand, and certainly not at scale.


If you're confident in your existing ideas-ability then that's great! But chances are there are types of ideas, techniques, methods and frameworks that you don't even know about right now. This class will introduce you to them, and show you exactly how to use them. 


More than that - The Ideas Workshop is designed to make coming up with creative ideas faster than ever before - so even if you have great ideas already - The Ideas Workshop will help you come up with more of them, and come up with them even faster.

Q: I Don't Do Funny Ideas - Is This Still Going To Help Me?

The short answer is yes!


Whilst a lot of the techniques here are GREAT for creating original joke-based ideas - they can also be used to create fantastic ideas that don't rely on humour at all.

Plus - humour is a great motivator - it moves people to respond, share and buy. So if you aren't using humour in your designs - you are probably missing out - and The Ideas Workshop will help you conquer your funny side in no time at all!

Q: Do You Show How To Find Niches, Trends, or How To Design?

Nope, nope and nope.


This is a class about IDEAS. It isn't about niche research, setting up a Redbubble account or creating designs. 


This is 100% dedicated to helping you come up with great, original ideas at scale - but it's up to you to decide what topic or subject you want to create your ideas around - and it's up to you to turn those ideas into great designs. 

Q: How Do I Access The Tools?

Once inside The Ideas Workshop you'll find links and instructions so you can access all the tools and resources.

Q: Is The Training Live?

All the course materials (the 13 Core Methods) are pre-recorded and ready to watch as soon as you join. 


However - The Ideas Workshop also includes the exclusive Bi-Weekly Live Sessions.


The live sessions will be recorded and added to the course materials, so you can re-watch them at any time. 

Q: What If I Can't Make The Live Sessions?

If you're unable to join me live for any of the Live Sessions - don't worry! All sessions will be recorded and made available inside of The Ideas Workshop. 


If you have questions you'd like to ask, but can't make it live - you'll be able to post them inside The Ideas Workshop community - and I'll take time to answer them during the Live Sessions or directly inside the community. 

Q: When Do I Get Access To The Course?

As soon as you join you get instant access to all course lessons, so you can start learning right away. 


You'll also get instant access to the tools and community - so you can get feedback, ask questions and get help. 

Q: What If It's Not For Me? Can I Get A Refund?

The short answer is yes. If you sign up for The Ideas Workshop and decide it isn't for you - you have 14 days in which you can request a full refund.


However - my refund policy is designed to allow you to test out The Ideas Workshop and see if it's a good fit for you and your business - so if you access a majority of the course content and/or tools, then I reserve the right to refuse a refund. Please see the full Refund Policy for more information. 

Q: Is The Ideas Workshop Community A Facebook Group?

No - The Ideas Workshop Community is hosted on a standalone, dedicated site. 


You'll get an invite to join when you sign up, along with full instructions. 


The Ideas Workshop Community is designed to be a distraction-free environment to get feedback, support and share advice and the latest greatest idea-generation methods. 

Q: What Happens When The Timer On This Page Runs Out?

This offer and crazy low price will disappear!


The Ideas Workshop doors will close for this current enrolment.


So if you want to super-charge your idea abilities and don't want to miss these methods and frameworks, now is the time to join The Ideas Workshop!

Q: Is The Ideas Workshop Just For T-Shirt Designers?

Absolutely not! 


The methods taught inside The Ideas Workshop have been learned primarily through years of designing for T-Shirts - but most of the methods are universal in their application.


The methods and frameworks included can be used to create design ideas for almost everything - quotes for hand lettering projects, producing cartoons, editorial illustrations, greetings cards, social media content or designs for your freelance clients. Once you have the methods and the tools, you'll be able to turn your new-found ideas-ability to any project that requires unique, creative ideas.

What Other Designers Are Saying...

Some anonymous feedback from current Ideas Workshop students...

I easily made up the cost of the course in the first few weeks. I think the direction helped me to focus on specifics. Thus allowing me to complete a set of designs that worked really well for Q4. I don't always pursue holiday designs due to the massive number of designs. This year I addressed a very specific niche and did really well. (Thank you!)

4 months ago


10 days ago

Yes, I find it much easier to get new ideas, befor it was more looking for other stuff that's selling and just turning that into my ideas. And I have three designs, that already got a couple of sales, which are based on your workshop. I think I would not have thought in that direction without your advice. Thanks a lot

3 months ago

I covered the cost of the course early. I pulled together some ideas from the first week or two and had sales right away. Initially I was concerned about cost-but found it was well worth the investment.

2 months ago

I was relieved to find that I was actually able to develop so many viable ideas, that my main problem became sorting between them to prioritize the best.

4 months ago

I've learned methods to create my own designs -- they almost seem like creative secrets. It does make it easier to generate my own designs and gives me the confidence to do it. Maybe creativity can be learned.

3 months ago

Coming up with ideas is much easier, especially when I use the wordstorming worksheet. I have made sales on new designs which is always encouraging.

3 months ago

Yes I have had some very good sales already, the word storming has proved very useful and a much better method than I was using, I have more ideas than I have time to draw at the moment!

2 months ago

I have found it much easier to develop new ideas and love that I now have tools to help and guide me.

11 days ago

Making less complicated designs, quicker workflow with more confidence and inspiration

2 months ago

The low hanging fruit drive me some sales in different niches. 👍

3 months ago

I have sold shirts within days after applying the methods found in the course. I have also found generating ideas a lot easier and a lot more fun too.

2 months ago

I used the plugin phrase collection quite often and I already generate sales from those ideas

4 months ago

I got my first 2 sales for my first 101 design from one of the iconic image methods on the first day after it uploaded. I generate hundreds of new ideas to execute this week from the plugin phrase and I think it will be evergreen and little competition after I apply the word storming methods. After all, The ideas workshop is great, and honestly, I wouldn't recommend it to another POD business player because they will be very good at this business and the nugget will be decreased..hahaha... Now I have no time to play and watch Netflix anymore because there are a hundred ideas or concepts to execute each week.

3 months ago

Yes, I found it very helpful - especially because I'm Brazilian and English is not my native language. I created a bunch of ideas and I'm already seeing some sales on Redbubble, Threadless and Teepublic.

4 months ago

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