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1. 'How To Grow Your Own T-Shirt Business' [Second Edition]


Fully Revised & Updated Strategies, Tips And Tricks To Help You Sell T-Shirts Online with Merch By Amazon And Print-On-Demand Sites – Even If You’ve Never Sold A T-Shirt Before!

What Others Are Saying About 'How To Sell More Shirts!'...

So What's Inside!?

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn inside 'How To Sell More Shirts [Second Edition]'...

  • How to identify the types of T-Shirt Markets you should be targeting (and those you should ignore- pg. 8

  • The kinds of T-Shirts you must be creating to make decent money – long into the future! - pg. 28

  • How to develop a strategy for generating solid design ideas that are much more likely to generate regular sales - pg. 23

  • Quick and simple ways to upgrade your designs so that you are the premium option - pg. 37

  • How to stand out in crowded niches and super-hot trends (without just lowering your prices) - pg. 48

  • How to use social media to find popular design ideas that you won’t find anywhere else - pg. 45

  • How to use Amazon’s search function to bring ideas to YOU  -pg. 51

  • The often-made mistakes that almost all newbie sellers make, and how YOU can avoid them - pg. 55

Plus 6 NEW Chapters of content, including the following NEW information:

  • How to identify the types of T-Shirt Markets you should be targeting (and those you should ignore- pg. 8

  • Where to focus your attention in order to find new untapped opportunities - pg. 14

  • How to increase sales on RedBubble - including 7 top tactics to ensure your designs get maximum attention - pg. 18

  • Generate more Merch By Amazon sales by asking yourself these 3 simple questions - pg. 61

  • How to organise your designs and listing data so that you maintain control of your income at all times (including a FREE spreadsheet template to organise Merch By Amazon listings) - pg. 40

  • BONUS Q&A chapters on Teespring and other POD sites - answering questions like: Should You Setup A New Account For Every New Niche? | How can you get hold of decent designers at reasonable rates? | Can you use multiple fulfilment partners within your own ecommerce store? | and...

  • Tips for lower tier Merch By Amazon sellers and beginners - pg. 72 

  • The steps you can take today to protect yourself when using Virtual Assistants on POD sites  - pg. 70

  • How to know when it is time to open your own online store - and when it's worth it - pg. 68

More Praise For The Ideas & Strategies You'll Find In 'How To Sell More Shirts'...

The Full Chapter Breakdown

The Second Edition contains 16 Detailed Chapters - 74 Pages - and over 19,000 Total Words...here's how it all shapes up...


1. Introduction

2. Different T-Shirt Markets & How To Tap Into Them

3. T-Shirt Math For Dummies

4. One Super Easy Way To Find Shirts That Are Selling

5. Tips And Advice For Selling On Redbubble

6. 3 Tips On Niches And Idea Generation

7. Why Your Text-Only Shirt Designs Are A Liability

8. My Halloween Sales & Why You Must Be Original

9. 3 Ways To Level Up Your T-Shirt Designs

10. How I Organise Hundreds Of T-Shirt Designs, And Why It Matters

11. How A Stolen Design Made Me Money

12. 3 Easy Ways To Stand Out In Trending Niches

13. One Simple Way To Find Low-Competition Ideas

14. 3 Common Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Sales

15. How Can You Generate More Sales On Merch By Amazon?

16. TeeSpring Questions Answered

17. Bonus - Q&As

18. Final Thoughts

But...The Online T-Shirt Market Is Becoming Increasingly Competitive...

New designers and non-designers alike are flooding in - making it all the more critical that you have an advantage over the competition.


How To Sell More Shirts [Second Edition] outlines the strategies, principles and mindsets – plus practical tips and tricks – that will help you think and design for long-term sales and recurring income.


It combines over 16 weeks worth of my secret weekly newsletter content, compiled and edited for easy reading and quick application - and now fully revised and updated with 6 NEW Chapters.

How To Sell More Shirts [Second Edition]

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How To Sell More Shirts [Second Edition] 

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...But You're Also Getting...

1. Grow Your Own T-Shirt Business


How To Start, Where To Sell & How To Scale

From Print-On-Demand To Your Own Brand


Over 1 year's worth of blog content - crammed into a logical and easy to read NEW book: Grow Your Own T-Shirt Business.


This outlines everything you need to start a succesful T-Shirt business from scratch.


Simply put - there is nothing out there that will fast-track the growth of your online T-Shirt business like this book will. 

What's Inside 'Grow Your Own T-Shirt Business'...

Over 27 Chapters48,000 Words and over 180 pages of the most comprehensive T-Shirt selling information you will ever read!

  • How I went from ZERO to $10,000/month from T-Shirt sales in 3 years - pg. 11

  • Full Breakdown and analysis of the various T-Shirt sites you can sell on - and which ones are best for YOUR DESIGNS - pg. 50

  • The 5 Biggest Mistakes that almost all new T-Shirt designers and sellers make, and how to avoid them - pg. 44

  • The TOP Print-on-demand sites that deliver the best royalties and returns for artists & designers - pg. 65

  • The 3 Major Methods you can use to market your own T-Shirts without spending money  - pg. 80

  • How To Dominate ANY T-Shirt Trend - so you can smash the competition - pg. 87

  • The best Print-On-Demand T-Shirt Fulfillment companies - and which one YOU should use to get maximum profits - pg. 98 

  • Tips and Tricks for dealing with Copycats on Merch By Amazon and other Print-On-Demand Platforms  - pg. 106

  • How to supercharge your sales by developing a relentless designing habit  - pg. 110

  • A complete gameplan for selling T-Shirts on Instagram profitably - while building your OWN follower count - pg. 127

  • Outsourcing designs the RIGHT way - get the best quality at the best prices for long term recurring sales - pg. 122

  • Why the cheapest designers are not always best for your business - pg. 124

  • Understanding T-Shirt Copyright, Intellectual Property and Parody Law - so you can maintain and protect your sales, without the legal hassle - pg. 134

  • How to Brand yourself - as an individual or as a 'brand' - so that your T-Shirt business will appeal the right people - pg. 144

  • A complete breakdown of my first $100k year in T-Shirt sales - where they came from, and everything I learned - pg. 174

  • Why you may want to sell your Shirts on Amazon Seller Central - bypass Merch and reach millions of customers today - pg. 153

Get The Step-By-Step T-Shirt Business Blueprint That You Always Wanted...

This content has been fully revised, updated and arranged in a way that walks you through a step-by-step, logical journey - from complete beginner to advanced T-Shirt seller.

Part 1 - ‘The Big Picture’ - explains the basic framework I followed to grow my own T-Shirt businesses. It goes into detail on the underlying principles that you must grasp in order to make your T-Shirt business a success - and the mistakes you must avoid. 


Part 2  - ‘Getting Started’ - is where we begin to get into the detail - about the sites you should be selling on - and why. We’ll talk about the different kind of T-Shirt platforms, and how you can use each to your advantage. By the end of this section, you’ll have the information you need to go out and start making sales.


Part 3 - ‘Scaling Up’ - takes you from beginner to intermediate and beyond - walking you through specific tactics that you’ll need to grow your income month to month. From marketing to developing your own store - and protecting your income - we’ll cover everything you need to establish yourself as a successful and stable T-Shirt seller.


Finally in Part 4  - ‘The Nitty Gritty’ -  we go through some of the more complex and detailed areas that all T-Shirt designers and business owners should know. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Branding - and the specifics of selling on Amazon - all of this and more.


By the end of the book you’ll have a thorough understanding of the steps and skills required to go from zero to hero in the world of selling T-Shirts online.

The Full Chapter Breakdown

Grow Your Own T-Shirt Business is PACKED with value - over 48,000 words of T-Shirt business gold! (that's over 2x the size of 'How To Sell More Shirts [Second Edition]'!)


Here's everything you're getting...






  • Chapter 1: The Basic Road-Map to Starting a T-Shirt Business or Clothing Line from Your Bedroom
  • Chapter 2: Zero To $10k A Month In Passive income from T-Shirts: 3 Key Principles 
  • Chapter 3: 15 Things I've Learnt About Selling T-Shirts Online
  • Chapter 4: 3 Things To Do While You Wait For Your Merch By Amazon Invite 
  • Chapter 5: Why You Should Start Building Your Own T-Shirt Brand Today
  • Chapter 6: The 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling T-Shirts Online




  • Chapter 7: Where Can You Sell T-Shirts Online? The Ultimate Guide To The Different Types Of Shirt Sites
  • Chapter 8: Redbubble, Society6, Teepublic? Which Print-on-Demand sites deliver the best income for T-Shirt designers?
  • Chapter 9: 5 Reasons To Sell On Redbubble (And Other Print-On-Demand Sites) 
  • Chapter 10: Merch By Amazon Tools and Resources for Noobs
  • Chapter 11: How Will You Get Your First Sale For Your Own T-Shirt Brand?




  • Chapter 12: How To Market Your T-Shirts Without Spending Money
  • Chapter 13: How To Dominate A T-Shirt Trend (And Keep The Competition At Bay)
  • Chapter 14: The Print-on-Demand Revolution isn't just for T-Shirts
  • Chapter 15: Print-On-Demand T-Shirt Fulfillment - Which Company Should You Use?
  • Chapter 16: Stolen Designs? How To Deal With Copycats On Merch By Amazon
  • Chapter 17: How To Develop A Daily Designing Habit (And Supercharge Your T-Shirt Sales)
  • Chapter 18: 5 Lessons From Increasing Design Output (And Why It Matters)
  • Chapter 19: How To Outsource T-Shirt Designs The Right Way (+ Mistakes To Avoid)
  • Chapter 20: Selling T-Shirts On Instagram: 3 Marketing Tips




  • Chapter 21: Copyright and T-Shirts: An Introduction To Trademark And Intellectual Property For T-Shirt Designers
  • Chapter 22: Parody, Fair Use and Mash-Ups
  • Chapter 23: Brands And Branding
  • Chapter 24: Selling T-Shirts On Amazon Merch vs. Seller Central - Pros & Cons (& Headaches)
  • Chapter 25: Selling T-Shirts on Seller Central with Shopify: Part 2 (Overcoming Headaches)
  • Chapter 26: Merch By Amazon Review: Merch vs. Redbubble vs. Teepublic vs. Etsy - Where Is My Income Coming From?
  • Chapter 27: 2016 Year In Review $100k Profit, Channel Breakdown and 2017 Plans 


Conclusion: Time To Get Started

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  • How To Sell More Shirts! [Second Edition]. 16 Detailed Chapters, 74 Pages, 19,000+ Total Words of actionable, practical advice and strategies that will help you think (and design) for long-term sales and recurring income. Normal Price: $29.99
  •  Grow Your Own T-Shirt Business: How To Start, Where To Sell & How To Scale - From Print-On-Demand To Your Own Brand - Over 27 Chapters, 48,000 Words and over 180 pages of the most comprehensive, step-by-step T-Shirt selling information you will ever read! Normal Price: $39.99
  •  Access To My Private Facebook Group. Exclusive Access to secret discussions, private feedback and the latest industry news. Value: Priceless!

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DISCLAIMER: Any sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. Please understand that my current earnings are not typical, and I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of 3 plus years experience selling T-Shirts online. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT PURCHASE.


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