your artwork on auto-pilot,

every which way you need it.

The ultimate workflow solution for the busy Designer.

Product Mock-Up Creation & Artwork Resizing

Retire Photoshop actions forever & make batch processing a thing of the past.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks With A Magic Workflow

 From the moment you hit save, every art file you need is ready and waiting for you. 

Web-Based, Self-Contained, Private & Secure

Access all your designs wherever and whenever you need them - with no on-going fees or charges.

More Mock-Ups, Less Mess Ups

Nobody likes making mockups. So why not just stop making them?

You bring the artwork - we do the rest. Thousands of mockups in minutes - each with unique garment colours. 


Want your design on a different colour shirt? A change takes a few seconds. No PSDs to edit, no more firing up Photoshop for minor changes.

Artwork Automation includes over 9 popular product mockups - and you'll learn how to add as many as your business needs.

Re-size To The Max

You created a great design, but now it needs to be resized several different ways before you can start making money from it. 

Are you going to do that manually? Not anymore!

Just drop in your file and let Artwork Automation takeover. 


Default re-sizing templates include Popsocket and Hoodie Artwork for Merch By Amazon, Redbubble Mugs and Cards, Instagram closeups and more. 

Flexible and Secure

Artwork Automation is web-based, allowing you to access and modify your designs from anywhere in the world. 


It's also completely private and secure: all you art stays within your personal accounts.


And because everything is web-based and private - you can extend and develop Artwork Automation to suit your personal needs. 


It's like a Swiss Army Knife for your design portfolio.

NEW: Turn Up For The Books

Create thousands of KDP book covers in minutes thanks to our new KDP Cover Creator.


Each of your covers can have a unique and editable background colour, and title text down the spine.


Download your finished PDFs with a few clicks, or just keep them in your spreadsheet, ready to download when you need them. 

Welcome To The Automation Station

Quit working in batches. In fact, quit working altogether. (almost).


Designs go in, and ready-to-upload artwork comes out. It all happens behind the scenes, automatically - just as soon as you save your latest design.


Free up your hard-drive space and your processing power. Artwork Automation keeps it online and off your computer.


And now you can automate everything for free - no paid Zapier account required.


Become An Artwork Automation Magician

Artwork Automation isn't just a product - it's a complete class.

It teaches you how to do everything for yourself - so you can create the mockups and re-sizing templates you need for your business.

Once you learn these techniques, you'll be able to tackle any new product or opportunity quickly and at scale. 


Take back control, and add a valuable new skill-set to your creative abilities.

What's Included...

Right out of the box, Artwork Automation now comes with the following, pre-made templates:










        MENS TANK

        ...and thanks to Artwork Automations flexibility, you can add whatever new mockups you need with ease (and automatically apply them to all your existing designs). 


        Artwork Automation V3 also includes the following artwork resizing templates built in:






          • RAGLAN ARTWORK

          • V-NECK ARTWORK







              What Others Are Saying...

              Before I bought Artwork Automation, I had no idea of the power of automation. But when I had a glance of some of your videos, I quickly realised how amazingly useful it is.


              Before, transforming designs into a different resolution or creating mockups/preview images was a pain in the … I either had to spend hours (or more likely days/weeks) on it or pay freelancers to do it for me.


              With Artwork automation, I was able to quickly transform my 2.000+ designs into the right resolution for different Products (Hoodies, Popsockets), create mockups and preview images and so much more…


              Artwork Automation has saved me countless hours of repetitive, tedious work (or paid freelancers) and I would recommend it for anyone active in the POD business with a large collection of designs.

              Christian Holthaus

              Artwork Automation has been a huge time saver for me, making the process of creating mockups for my products much faster than doing it manually, and less expensively than hiring it out. It has definitely been beneficial for my business. 

              Nicole Vanderhoop​

              Every year I remake and update the dates on almost a thousand mockups in my various stores. Michael's teachings in the Artwork Automation class have been a game changer for me, allowing me to achieve the task in days rather than weeks and saving my fingers for more important tasks. Like designing more stuff or drinking wine.

              Geoff Wigglesworth

              Artwork Automation gives me new valuable time every week! No more Photoshop scripts blocking my computer for hours and not delivering the desired results with every design. And on top of that, AA is flexible and adaptable to my needs.

              Anna Thomann & Michael Arciprete

              The Artwork Automation tool is a fantastic solution for anybody who needs artwork mock-up for any market place, Amazon, eBay or POD. 


              You can easily change its shape to suit any requirement. A true time saver, always consistent results.

              Glynn Myers

              As a one-man show, automation made all the difference to help me grow quickly, and to make sure that I can spend most of my time on designing and idea generation.

              And it's great to have the knowledge to think in these automated ways, which comes in handy in a lot of other stuff.

              Koen Haarbosch

              I found artwork automation immensely helpful in speeding up my workflow - helping me create different size product images, alternate sized images for different PODS and generally reducing the time spent on largely repetitive image-related tasks. A very practical timesaver.

              Mark H​

              Is Artwork Automation Right For You?

              Artwork Automation isn't a magic bullet - but for the savvy Shirt designer it can transform your business.

              RIGHT FOR YOU:

              • You want to create product mockups from your artwork quickly and easily

              • You need to re-size artwork regularly, and are sick of doing it manually

              • You'd like to keep all your artwork organised in one place, that you can access from anywhere

              • You want a streamlined workflow, that kicks in automatically after you save a file

              • You can follow over-the-shoulder, step-by-step video instructions

              • You aren't afraid of using formulas inside Spreadsheets (for custom mockup creation only)

              NOT FOR YOU:

              • You enjoy making mockups one by one, using Photoshop Actions or batch processing

              • You have a small portfolio of designs that you can handle manually

              • You don't need to re-size your artwork for new opportunities or products

              • You're looking for advanced product mockups with displacement maps, warping and distortion

              • You're looking for a tool that will automatically upload designs for you (Artwork Automation does not do this!)

              And That's Not All...

              For a limited time, Artwork Automation comes with the following bonuses to help you take your business to the next level:

              950+ PSD Apparel Mockup Bundle from PixelSauce

              Create any apparel mockup you could ever need with this comprehensive Mockup pack from PixelSauce.


              This bundle contains over 950+ individual PSD files, fully licensed and approved for you to use inside Artwork Automation. 


              Just pick the product you need, create your mockup background, and add it to your Artwork Automation sheet. (Full instructions included inside the class).

              Simple Shirt Site Online Class

              Simple Shirt Site is a complete video class that walks you through the process of setting up your own Wordpress based website for your T-Shirt designs.


              It includes a custom Wordpress theme & plugin combo that makes populating your site quick and easy - and works great alongside Artwork Automation. 


              Once completed you'll have a google-friendly brand-building tool that can help drive traffic to your designs across your different royalty channels. 

              Artwork Automation 1 & 2

              If you need to go back to basics, or you'd like to see how Artwork Automation works inside Airtable - you'll be able to do so with access to Artwork Automation 1 & 2. 


              The previous versions of the class have been significantly upgraded for Artwork Automation V3 - but for the complete beginner they may prove useful in understanding the basics of the system and how flexible it can be. 


              Request access from inside the members area and your login details will be emailed straight to you.

              Start Automating Today!

              Just think - you could have all your mockups and re-sizing jobs done - and automated for the future - within the next few hours!


              Choose an option below to get started now:


              Limited Offer:



              LIFETIME ACCESS

              • Artwork Automation V3 Video Class

              • AAV3 Google Sheet

              • Bulk Image Downloader Chrome Extension

              • 9 Popular Product Mockups Included

              • 12 Resizing Templates Included

              • Instant access to all classes and resources

              • BONUS: PixelSauce 950+ PSD Mockup pack

              • BONUS: Simple Shirt Site Online Class

              • BONUS: Access to Artwork Automation 1 & 2

              'DONE FOR YOU' PACKAGE


              Limited Offer:



              LIFETIME ACCESS

              • Everything from Artwork Automation V3



              • The Whole System Setup On Your Behalf 

              • All Your Artwork Uploaded Into The System

              • One-on-One Demo and Assistance

              • Up to 5 Custom Mockup Templates

              • Up to 5 Custom Resize Templates

              • 3 Months On-going Check-in & Support



              Try out Artwork Automation for a full 14-days, and if you aren't completely satisfied, get your money back with no questions asked. 

              Need help before the 14 days is up? Just use our helpdesk system or dedicated Facebook Group for quick and easy support. 


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